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Our Creations

At Nemesis Custom Works, we take pride in our exceptional collection of custom-built vehicles. Our team of skilled professionals has expertly crafted each ride with precision and care, incorporating a range of impressive modifications from Whipples to vertical doors and many more. We are confident that our work speaks for itself, and invite you to explore our gallery and witness the unparalleled quality of our craftsmanship.


2005 - C6 Corvette LS2

This corvette has an original LS2 with an RHS block, Nemesis 388 in LSx with a big single turbo. This Beast is making almost 1100 RWH and is DAILY DRIVEN!


NDECENT: Chevy S-10 

This is a custom built Chevy S-10 by Nemesis for Nemesis. This S-10 boast a 6.0 liter iron block with custom Diamond racing pistons, custom PRC heads, and custom Nemesis camshaft. It's running on E85 with a 14:5 to 1 compression ratio.


2015 - Scat Pack

Here's a beautiful blue scat that received a Pro charger, custom Nemesis cam, port work and tune. 


2019 - Mustang GT 

A sweet 5.0 mustang that we set up with a Calimers stage 3 MT-82 transmission and rear gear change. 


2021 - Camero SS

This SS went with our Vertical Door treatment!


2016 - Challenger RT+

Here's an RT that received our Nemesis custom cam, Port work, Long tube headers , and a cold air intake. 


2009 - Z06 C6 Corvette

A BAD A#$ Z06 that we put a Nemesis camshaft, PRC heads, Long tube headers, Port work, and a McLeod twin disc clutch in. 



2004 - SRT 10 Viper truck

Custom forged pistons and rods, Nemesis camshaft, Port work, Paxton Supercharger, Shorty headers, Texas drive train, Custom TR6060 transmission, and a McLeod twin disc clutch. This is one wicked truck.

Nemesis Camshaft
Super Charger
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